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    There are many modes of treatment.

Welcome to the Democratic Orthopathic Council

The Democratic Orthopathic Council is a non-profit profession body supporting practitioners of physical therapy disciplines worldwide. We act as robust information conduit for other professions, the general public as well as for our members and we link to other organisations, groups and governance bodies.

As a Discipline Lead Body DOC facilitates the development of different physical therapy philosophies – within a safety framework – that can be developed into faculties of specialisation and excellence and can form the basis of future research.

Since our inception in 1993 the DOC has proudly functioned as a strong voice in support of a range of physical therapy disciplines and have an unrivalled history in highlighting the healthcare benefits across a range of Government and governmental platforms.

If you are looking to train as an Orthopath or to extend your training as an undergraduate. We provide information on education providers, undergraduate and post graduate courses, as well as value-evidenced Continuing Profession Development courses (CPD).

We are dedicated to excellence in education and in practice.

This site also provides information for those interested any of the forms of physical therapy treatment; we tell you what you can expect from your Orthopath, Sports Massage Therapist or Massage Therapist, and where you can find a properly qualified and insured practitioner in your local to your area.

Fascial Release
The continued study and practice of fascial release techniques is an important aspects of CPD of the orthopathic professional development

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Structural Ear Treatment for Children – A Patient’s Guide
Position the child face up on a bed, with the crown of her head close to the edge. Do not

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