What we do

As the lead body for the practice of physical therapies the DOC is engaged with government departments, regulatory bodies, education providers, and external agencies to represent the views of practitioners in the safe practice of physical therapies.

We disseminate, via politicians, the general press and other media, a wide range of appropriate information relating to the practice of physical therapies

The Council works to establish and maintain standards of professional training and qualifications appropriate to membership of DOC and validates professional therapy courses which meet the standard of the Council

DOC maintains a Register of Professional members. The searchable area of the Register is publicly accessible.  Our Register may be used by the public to find a competent practitioner as well as by commissioning bodies and service providers to validate the status of a practitioner.

The Council works with other professional associations and profession bodies in related and allied fields in the development of a universally accepted requirements for advertising and promotion of physical therapy disciplines.

We facilitate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training for members and engage with training providers to source and develop specific provisions

The Council operates a number of social media feeds such as Twitter and Facebook. For our membership we also publish Othopathy Today a monthly profession newsletter/journal in which all articles and research link to their original source.

DOC maintain professional standards of its membership by requiring strict adherence to a code of ethics and practice. We provide mediatory and disciplinary procedures in the event of concerns regarding professional conduct.

We run support services for both student members and qualified members Our support structures are not limited to physical practice but including wider services such as legal, advertising and promotion, data-protection and regulatory requirements.

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