Who we are

The Democratic Orthopathic Council (DOC) is an ever-expanding group of professional practitioners who are working together to promote health for all. Our members work in practices or health care institutions with their own specific skills whether they are osteopaths, chiropractors, physios or other associated therapists.

Our members operate in a range of physical therapy disciplines whilst sharing a fundamental philosophy to help develop a shift from patients being made dependent on a pharmaceutical or medical care system (which has been the trend over the past decades) towards a renewed awareness and understanding for an extended care model in which they are, with appropriate support and education, capable of helping themselves to better health.

We are a non-profit body administered by an elected Committee in accordance with the requirements of our Code of Ethics and Practice.

The current Committee members are:

Michael Lingard

Dr Siggy Trefzer

Elle Fox

Steven Allen

The committee is supported in its work by specialists in Administration, Education, Regulation and Orthopathic Practice.



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